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 Using custom string types
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INM V12 Database allows you to develop applications containing different types of strings e.g., English, German, Swedish and Spanish. Each INM V12 Database table can contain any combination of string types.

String comparisons depend on how special characters are defined in their corresponding languages. For example, the letters a and ä may be considered identical in some languages but different in others. This behavior is determined by the sorting and searching rules attached to each type of string.


INM V12 Database's default and custom string type sorting and searching rules are defined by the following tables. Equivalent characters are listed on the same line separated by one or more spaces and strict precedence is indicated by characters on successive lines. For example:

j J
k K
l L

means that:

• K sorts after J and before L,
• j and J are equivalent (likewise, k and K are equivalent, and l and L are equivalent too)

You can store custom characters in a field, where each character on the same line must be separated by a space. Note that each line must end with a space (before the carriage return) as in:


Characters omitted from a sorting and searching rules table are sorted after those listed in the table, except for Control characters (such as Carriage Return, Horizontal Tab, Vertical Tab, etc.), which are sorted before those listed in the table.


This sample is supported by Director 6.5 and later zip   sit

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Created On: 26 Sep 2006 01:59 PM

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