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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM V12 Database for Director » How to properly close V12 databases and tables
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 How to properly close V12 databases and tables
INM V12 Database for Director Windows, Macintosh Opening & closing database objects Version 3.3.3- 3.4


Up until Director MX 2004, simply setting the database and table instance variables to zero would close and destoy those global instances. However, in Director MX 2004 on Windows, the global instances of variables are not destroyed properly when they are set to zero.

This becomes a problem if your application has to close and then reopen database objects at a later point, because the database and tables are locked and V12 generates errors:

   -1380: Unable to create or modify a database on a locked file or volume.
    -1910: File does not exist or is already open.


To resolve this issue a new method, mClose(), has been added to version 3.3.3 of INM V12 Database to explicitly close and destroy those global instances. To properly close a V12 table or database, first call the mClose() method with its global instance variable as a parameter; then set that reference variable to 0.

Always make sure to dispose of all V12table instances before you dispose of the V12dbe instance that contains them.


-- This is a complete example of a script that would run on StopMovie
on StopMovie
   global gDB, gTable

   if ObjectP(gTable) then
   end if

   if ObjectP(gDB) then
   end if

end StopMovie

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Created On: 26 Sep 2006 01:48 PM

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