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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM V12 Database for Authorware » How to rename V12-DBE Xtra for web-packaged pieces
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 How to rename V12-DBE Xtra for web-packaged pieces
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When creating web-packaged pieces, the V12-DBE must be auto-downloaded from a server to the user's computer. The names of the Xtra files, "V12-DBE FOR AUTHORWARE.XTR" on Mac and "V12-DBE FOR AUTHORWARE.x32" on Windows contain spaces, which are not permitted by the Authorware web packager. In addition, the file names are too long to be downloaded on Mac.

To resolve this naming issue follow these steps:

  1. First click File > Publish to create the web package

  2. Click File > Publish > Web Packager... to edit the .aam file. Once the Web packager window is open click Cancel if the browse window opens. Click File > Open Map... and locate the .aam file created by the Publish command.

  3. If there is a line containing the V12-DBE For Authorware Xtra, double-click that line.

  4. Change the name of the Xtra in the Server text box, to something short, with no spaces, such as V12-DBE.x32 (windows) V12-DBE.bin (mac). You don't have to change the name of the local file.

  5. If there is no line containing the Xtra, click Insert to insert a line of type bin for Windows (and for Mac if needed). For the Mac file, make sure to check the MacBinary box. See the example below.
    Note: the Mac Xtra should be stored on the server compressed as mac binary (normally it ends with a .bin extension).

  6. Close the map file.

  7. Make sure to name the Xtras on the server with the same shortened names you used in the map file.


Here is example map file with the Xtras for Windows and Mac.

ver 0 8
get .
seg all firs0000.aas 0 12939
seg all firs0001.aas 12939 70395
seg all firs0002.aas 83334 10515
seg all firs0003.aas 93849 38662
seg all firs0004.aas 132511 23714
seg all firs0005.aas 156225 14266
seg all firs0006.aas 170491 70395
seg all firs0007.aas 240886 10595
seg all firs0008.aas 251481 24882
seg all firs0009.aas 276363 16330
seg all firs000a.aas 292693 8314
bin win32 "BMPVIEW.X32" "BMPVIEW.X32" recycle,length=44544
bin win32 "MIX32.X32" "MIX32.X32" recycle,length=119296
bin win32 "VIEWSVC.X32" "VIEWSVC.X32" recycle,length=93184
bin win "V12-DBE.X32" "V12-DBE FOR AUTHORWARE.X32"
bin mac "V12-DBE.bin" "V12-DBE FOR AUTHORWARE.XTR" macbinary

opt all BypassSecurityDialog=FALSE
opt all UniqueID=407181846

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Created On: 26 Sep 2006 12:37 PM

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