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 How to create a custom progress indicator
PDF Xtra for AuthorwareWindows, MacintoshDownloading PDF documents2.2.1 - 7.x


PDF Xtra allows you to download PDF documents from the web and, in version 7.0, now allows you to display automatic progress indicators to your end-users while the documents are being downloaded. The automatic progress indicators can be turned on or off in a checkbox on the PDFXtra Options dialog or by calling global method PDF_SetProgressIndicator().

For previous versions of PDF Xtra, or if you want to display your own custom progress bar, you can do so via Authorware scripting.

First you will need to define two global variables in your script: PDFBeginProgress and PDFProgress.

PDFBeginProgress contains the number of bytes to be downloaded. PDF Xtra sets its value when the download starts, to allow you to initialize or open whatever progress indicator you want to show. This variable is set to 0 when the download is completed.

PDFProgress is repetitively updated with the number of bytes downloaded so far. Typically, you would do a loop and update the progress indicator display until PDFProgress = PDFBeginProgress, or until PDFBeginProgress = 0.


This sample Authorware piece demonstrates how to use the global variables, PDFBeginProgress and PDFProgress to display a progress bar and the relevant information on screen while a PDF document is being downloaded.


Download Progress Indicator Sample for Authorware 4: zip   sit

Download Progress Indicator Sample for Authorware 5: zip

Download Progress Indicator Sample for Authorware 6 or 6.5: zip

Download Progress Indicator Sample for Authorware 7:zip

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Created On: 26 Sep 2006 12:19 PM

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