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 Linking from one PDF document to another
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Unfortunately, links between PDF documents are not supported by PDF Xtra. However, there are some workarounds that could help you to jump from one document to another.


What to try

Solution 1
1. Cut your PDF into many parts (for example, one by chapter).
2. Create your own Table of Contents using Authorware's interface (using custom buttons for example).
3. Add the appropriate PDF_Open() script for each button, to load the desired chapter when a user clicks on it.
4. Try and enjoy!

Solution 2
This workaround will work only for Acrobat on Windows. You will have to edit each link in your document:
1. Open your document in Acrobat.
2. Select the "link" tool and right click on a link to open its properties window.
3. In the properties window, set the action type to "Go to view".
4. Before closing this window, click the "Edit destination" button.
5. While still in the properties window, select "Open" from the "File" menu and choose your destination document.
6. Finally, click the "Set link" button.
7. Repeat this operation for all of your links.

Note that this procedure may vary depending on which version of Acrobat you are using.

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Created On: 26 Sep 2006 12:11 PM

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