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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM PDF Xtra for Director » How to explicitly launch Adobe Reader to improve loading speed of a document
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 How to explicitly launch Adobe Reader to improve loading speed of a document
PDF Xtra for DirectorWindows, Mac Classic (not for Mac OS X)Open / Close2.2.1 and higher


To ensure that PDF Xtra uses the least memory possible its default behavior is to only load Acrobat or Reader in memory when needed. However, on some low performance systems these applications may take a long while to load, and the movie may then seem to freeze while Acrobat/Reader is opening.

In certain situations, it may be useful to load the Acrobat or Reader application in advance. To do this, use the PDF_LaunchAcrobat Behavior (or the PDF_LaunchAcrobat method in Lingo). The following are some situations where you might decide to force PDF Xtra to load Acrobat in advance:

  • A large number of PDF documents will be opened.
  • Documents that are large in file size will be opened.
  • At least one PDF document is always displayed during the user's session.
  • The end-user has the ability to browse through PDF documents.
  • Any other situation where displaying a PDF document should be as spontaneous as possible.


Launch Acrobat/Reader using PDF Xtra 7
Here is an example of how to use PDF Xtra's PDF_LaunchViewer Behavior (new for PDF Xtra 7) to load Acrobat or the Reader in advance:

  1. Drag the PDF_LaunchViewer Behavior to the script line of the first frame of your movie, or a frame in the score that is a few frames in advance of where the PDF document opens.
  2. In the Behavior's dialog box specify the Event : prepareFrame.
  3. Select the appropriate launch scheme to use
  4. Specify the path of the Acrobat/Reader application, if not in a Reader folder at the root of the CD.

Launch Acrobat/Reader using PDF Xtra 2.2 - 3.x
The behavior that launchesAdobe Reader was called PDF_LaunchAcrobat in version 2 and 3 of PDF Xtra. The <CD-ROM> tag should be used, with path type URL or Absolute, when you are launching Acrobat Reader from CD-ROM, but your application is not running from the same CD-ROM. When using the <CD-ROM> tag or the Relative to Movie path, you do not have to specify the full application file name. For example, you can specify <CD-ROM>/ReaderApp/ and PDF Xtra will launch <CD-ROM>/ReaderApp/AcroRd32.exe

You might want to display a message to the user on the frame that says something like "Loading, please wait", while Acrobat is loading.

Close Acrobat/Reader using PDF Xtra 7
Before your movie ends, you must close Acrobat/Reader using either the PDF_CloseViewer Behavior or PDF_CloseViewer method. If the user can only quit the movie by clicking a specific button or if the movie ends by itself you can use the Behavior. If the user can quit by clicking the X in the movie window's title bar, you must use the PDF_CloseViewer method, executed in the on StopMovie handler.

Close Acrobat/Reader using PDF Xtra 2.2-3.x
In pervious versions of PDF Xtra the method to close the open instance of Adobe Reader was called PDF_CloseAcrobat().

Important Note: Your application should only run the frame containing the PDF_LaunchViewer Behavior once, to avoid attempting to launch the application more than once. If PDF_LaunchViewer is called and the application is already open, PDF Xtra returns an error,-150:.Application cannot be launched, Acrobat is already running, or -160:.Application cannot be launched, Acrobat Reader is already running.

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