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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM Moka Xtra for Director » Possible causes for Error -5004: Unable to find class
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 Possible causes for Error -5004: Unable to find class
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Error -5004 often occurs if there is a mistake in the path to the Java™classes. It can also occur if the class is packaged within a .JAR file and the name of the class was not correctly specified when the .JAR was created. Java™ is case sensitive, but Windows is not. Therefore, if you use the wrong case for your class when packaging it, the .JAR file will be created, but you will have to refer to the class the way it was packaged.


I have a class named myHello.class. I type: jar cvf myJavaClasses.jar MyHello.class
When I call Moka Xtra's methods to access my class, I must now use "MyHello", instead of "myHello".

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Created On: 26 Sep 2006 11:24 AM

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