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 How to handle errors in SecureNet Xtra
SecureNet Xtra for AuthorwareWindows 1.x


The SecureNet Xtra method snxNetError(NetID) returns an error code if an error occurs during the request specified by NetID. The descriptions for each error code can be found in the User Manual. However, for your convenience we have developed an Authorware script that you can use to display the text description of an error returned by SecureNet Xtra.

In the sample piece provided, the Error Manager map icon contains a script, GetError Message, that translates the error code returned by SecureNet Xtra and displays the corresponding error description on screen.

Before entering the "GetError Message" calculation icon, the error code must be stored in a variable named theError. Your piece should only enter this icon if theError is not "OK".

You may copy the entire "Error Manager" icon into your own Authorware piece, and transfer control to it whenever the error code returned from a SecureNet Xtra operation is not "OK". Alternatively, you can just copy the code inside the "GetError Message" icon and create your own display icons.



-- loop until the request has completed
repeat while (snxNetDone(NetID) = False)
end repeat

--If an error occurs, display the error and retry connection
theError := snxNetError(NetID)
if theError <> "OK" then
     GoTo(IconID@"Error Manager")
end if

NOTE: For an example of how to integrate the Error Manager in your present project, please refer to the First Steps tutorial.


 Download Error Manager sample for Authorware 4 zipzip

Download Error Manager sample for Authorware 5: zip

Download Error Manager sample for Authorware 6 & 6.5: zip

Download Error Manager sample for Authorware 7: zip

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Created On: 26 Sep 2006 11:04 AM

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