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 Hyperlinks work in Adobe Acrobat, but not in Impressario
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When a PDF document is created from MS Word on Mac, the hyperlinks may not work in Impressario. This is because the links are not actually created as link objects in the PDF. When viewed through Adobe Acrobat or Reader, the links are functional because Acrobat/Reader does a "smart" interpretation of text containing URLs as actual hyperlinks. However, if you use the Link tool to examine the document in Acrobat you can see that there are no actual link objects. Therefore Impressario does not interpret them.

This issue does not exist when creating PDFs from MS Word on Windows, but it may occur on either platform if the Adobe Distiller or other PDF creation tool does not automatically create links from the program that originally created the content.


Rather than painstakingly creating each link individually within Acrobat, there is an easy way to turn all hyperlink text into actual links that Impressario can interpret:

In Adobe Acrobat, click Advanced Menu, scroll down to Links, and select Create from URLs in document...

Acrobat then goes through the entire file and links up every website URL. Now you can open your PDF in Impressario on any platform and the links will be functional.

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Created On: 12 Jun 2006 04:33 PM

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