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 Capacities and Limits of INM VizionDB
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Capacities and Limits

  • INM VizionDB version 4.0 supports projects delivered on CD-ROM or installed to a hard drive. There is no support for accessing the database over a network or for client-server deployment at this time.

  • Multiple INM VizionDB databases can be open at the same time by a single Director movie. However, a INM VizionDB database can only be accessed by one INM VizionDB Database member (you can't have two open Director movies accessing the same INM VizionDB database).

  • Maximum number of indexes per table is 255

  • Maximum size of an index key is 254 bytes

  • Maximum number of conjuncts is 255. A conjunct is a pair of conditions combined with an AND. WHERE F1 = 1 and F2 >= 2 and F2 = 5 is 3 conjuctions, but WHERE F1 = 1 or F2 >= 2 or F2 = 5 is 1 conjunction

  • Maximum size of a table is approximately 50Gb of compressed data, depending on the size of the records. A table with records that compress to 50 bytes can store approximately 50 Gb of compressed data. A table with records that compress to 500 bytes can store approximately 70Gb of compressed data.

  • Table, field and index names are restricted to 31 characters and cannot contain spaces, punctuation or mathematical symbols.

  • The maximum size of a Media or LongVarchar fields is 2Gb.

  • A database can contain no more than 32767 tables.

  • The maximum size for a database is over 30 terabytes.

  • Maximum number of elements in an IN list is 1499. select name from phones where extension in (0000, 0001, 0002 ... 1499)

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Created On: 02 Jun 2006 04:53 PM

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