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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM Impressario for Director » How to control anti-aliasing for text, line-art and images
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 How to control anti-aliasing for text, line-art and images
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In Impressario, by default the anti-aliasing for text, line art and bitmap images is turned on. However, due to a bug in PDF Library 5, PDF documents are not displayed with anti-aliasing for both bitmap images and line art simultaneously.

The work-around solution is to use Impressario's global method, IMP_SetSmoothing() to set the anti-aliasing (smoothing) for your specific needs. This method allows you to set the smoothing for text, line art and bitmap images separately.


If your PDF contains bitmaps (especially those with gradients, where aliasing is very obvious), you must turn OFF the smoothing of line art. Call IMP_SetSmoothing() before you display your PDF document, using the following Lingo code:

IMP_SetSmoothing([#SmoothText:TRUE, #SmoothLineArt:FALSE, #SmoothImages:TRUE])

This method is global, so the smoothing settings you specify will be in effect for all PDF documents, until you reset them.

If your document contains line art images, they should be displayed correctly by default.

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Created On: 30 May 2006 01:45 PM

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