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 How to implement the Find dialog as a MIAW
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In Director MX 2004 on the Mac, there is a bug which prevents Impressario's Find dialog box from receiving mouse events. The only workaround at the moment is to implement the Find dialog as a MIAW (Movie In A Window) that sends the text and search parameters back to the stage, which then calls Impressario's Find method.

If you are authoring in Director MX 2004 for playback on Mac, you will need to replace any code that calls Impressario's Find dialog box with an alternative, such as the call to a Find MIAW described in this technote and illustrated in the accompanying sample movie. This also means replacing the Find code in the Find behavior and Impressario Toolbar behavior if you are using those prebuilt behaviors.

An added benefit of using a MIAW to do the Find, is that you can customize the language of the dialog box.


Download this sample, which includes the MIAW: find-miaw.dir, and the sample movie that calls it: call-findMiaw.dir. Open the file named call-findmiaw.dir and run it. Instructions are included as a PDF document.

Download Find MIAW Sample (supported on Director 8 and later):zipsit  

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Created On: 30 May 2006 01:20 PM

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