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Release Notes for version 1.0 - Support Center
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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM Impressario for Director » Release Notes for version 1.0
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 Release Notes for version 1.0

On Mac, Director's memory partition may need to be adjusted; the exact memory partition needed depends on the amount of memory needed by your movie

Special Considerations

  • PDF forms are not supported in version 1.0
  • Actions encoded within PDF documents are not supported, except for hyperlinks
  • Plug-ins, such as QuickTime and Flash, are not supported
  • Shockwave is not supported
  • PDF document pages that contain large, high-resolution images (1MB) may be slow to display and interact with
  • Impressario displays images on screen in RGB color. PDF documents created for print, using CMYK color may appear differently in Impressario

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Created On: 17 Jan 2012 04:20 PM

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