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 Release Notes for version 1.1

New Features

  • The following form controls are now supported: single-line text boxes, check boxes, and radio buttons. Please read the User Manual or Impressario Help files for details
  • Three new methods have been added to the Lingo API that let you set and retrieve form data from Director: GetFields(), GetAllFields(), SetFields()
  • A new Mac OS X-flavored toolbar has been added to the Impressario Toolbars cast

New Free Tools and Samples

  • A new Scrollbar behaviors castlib is available. It comes with a sample movie and instructions for adding horizontal and vertical scrollbars
  • PDF to Impressario Converter tool is now available to facilitate the conversion to Impressario of Director projects created with PDF Xtra
  • The Impressario PDF Indexer is now available for both Mac and Windows
  • There is a new Impressario PDF Viewer MIAW that lets you quickly add a resizable pop-up PDF viewer to any Director project. It contains a standard Impressario toolbar and scrollbars for easy navigation and interaction
  • Our new Impressario Accessibility sample demonstrates how to make an Impressario project that is accessible to those with visual and motor difficulties

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved speed for selecting text
  • GetSelectedText() and GetPageText() didn't accented characters within the Roman character set [fixed]
  • New optional parameters in the Print() method allow you to control the print quality for faster printing on Mac
  • Error management in Impressario Behaviors is improved. End-users no longer receive errors or warnings when file is not open, trying to access a nonexistent page, etc.
  • Changing the Impressario FileName or PathType from within the property inspector now works as expected. There were inconsistencies in version 1.0 [fixed]
  • Flickering cursor on MIAWs [fixed]

On Mac, Director's memory partition may need to be adjusted; the exact memory partition needed depends on the amount of memory needed by your movie

Special Considerations

  • Actions encoded within PDF documents are not supported, except for hyperlinks.
  • Plug-ins, such as QuickTimeT and FlashT, are not supported.
  • Shockwave® is not supported.
  • PDF document pages that contain large, high-resolution images (1MB) may be slow to display and interact with.
  • Impressario displays images on screen in RGB color. PDF documents created for print, using CMYK color may appear differently in Impressario. (Please see the PDF Enhancer, on the related products page, for a tool that converts PDFs to RGB colorspace.)
  • With some print drivers, PDF pages that are cropped may not printed properly.
  • Text fields support most high-ASCII characters in the 1252 character set (Windows ANSI). However, there are a few rare characters that are not supported in Impressario text fields. Please see the list of unsupported characters for more precision.
  • Only solid borders or no borders are supported on form controls; no dashes, beveled, etc.
  • Text is displaced slightly when fields are edited manually; after leaving the text field, the correct text position is restored.
  • The character limit for text fields is 254 characters.
  • Multi-line text fields can be viewed but not edited. GetFields() correctly retrieves the text of multi-line fields, but SetFields() does not account for line breaks and treats the field as it would a single-line field.

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