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 Release Notes for version 1.2

New Features

  • Now supports Director MX 2004 on Windows and Mac
  • There is now a way to set the working "tool" to #none, so that the cursor does not change, and neither the scroll hand, nor the select text tool is active. Syntax: SetTool(#none)
  • Two new methods have been added: SetKeyResponse() allows you to turn on/off #all or a subset of the keyboard shortcuts that Impressario responds to. GetKeyResponse(), lets you retrieve the keyboard shortcuts currently in effect

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • In version 1.1, the SetFields() method did not work when the value of a text field was set to an empty string [fixed]
  • TAB and Shift+TAB, used to navigate through form controls and hyperlinks, are no longer confined to the single page. If additional form controls or hyperlinks are present on other pages of the PDF document, TAB and Shift+TAB will automatically navigate to the appropriate page and set the focus to the next or previous, similar to the way TABs work in Acrobat
  • After panning a document, if the mouse was released inside a form control, the panning would continue [fixed]
  • On Mac, if there was a button or bitmap with a background color other than white, the Impressario sprite would take on that background color [fixed]
  • The Zoom In and Zoom Out functions, in the Impressario Behavior and Toolbars castlibs, now have finer granularity, more like the zoom levels in Acrobat
  • On Windows, in Director MX 2004, the Ctrl+P shortcut keys did not open the print dialog box in projector mode [fixed]


  • The Find dialog box does not function correctly on Mac, in Director MX 2004. Check INM Impressario's knowledge base article for a sample workaround solution
  • On Mac, Director's memory partition may need to be adjusted; the exact memory partition needed depends on the amount of memory needed by your movie

Special Considerations

  • Actions encoded within PDF documents are not supported, except for hyperlinks.
  • Plug-ins, such as QuickTimeT and FlashT, are not supported.
  • Shockwave® is not supported.
  • PDF document pages that contain large, high-resolution images (1MB) may be slow to display and interact with.
  • Impressario displays images on screen in RGB color. PDF documents created for print, using CMYK color may appear differently in Impressario. (Please see the PDF Enhancer, on the related products page, for a tool that converts PDFs to RGB colorspace.)
  • With some print drivers, PDF pages that are cropped may not printed properly.
  • Text fields support most high-ASCII characters in the 1252 character set (Windows ANSI). However, there are a few rare characters that are not supported in Impressario text fields. Please see the list of unsupported characters for more precision.
  • Only solid borders or no borders are supported on form controls; no dashes, beveled, etc.
  • Text is displaced slightly when fields are edited manually; after leaving the text field, the correct text position is restored.
  • The character limit for text fields is 254 characters.
  • Multi-line text fields can be viewed but not edited. GetFields() correctly retrieves the text of multi-line fields, but SetFields() does not account for line breaks and treats the field as it would a single-line field.

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Created On: 17 Jan 2012 03:50 PM

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