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 Release Notes for version 2.0

New Features for both Full and Light Versions

  • Import multiple PDF documents at a time
  • New Impressario toolbars, plus additional buttons for existing toolbars
  • Rotation of the PDF
  • Zoom tool mode, to zoom in/out on a specific area of the page
  • Native scrollbars
  • Bookmarks
  • Localization to multiple languages via external XML files
  • Ability to find and highlight all occurrences of found text within the PDF document

New Features for the Full Version only

  • Shockwave support
  • Auto-download PDF documents from the web
  • Ability to retrieve any page of the PDF document as a bitmap image
  • Ability to replace a bitmap image within a PDF document
  • Ability to insert, delete and move pages within a PDF
  • Support for multi-line text fields
  • Ability to set the focus for form controls
  • Ability to trap events such as a hyperlink click, mouse enter and mouse leave for hyperlinks and form controls

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Searching for text within the PDF for password protected documents [fixed]
  • Toolbars now reflect the permissions of the open document by disabling buttons and functions that are not allowed
  • Improved printing on Mac OS X for landscape documents
  • Improved handling of non-Roman characters in GetPageText, GetTextSelection, and Find Dialog box -- Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian Latin Scripture are now handled correctly

Known Issues

  • The GetPageImage() method returns garbled image data on Windows when the screen resolution is set at 32-bit.
  • In landscape documents, the text is wrapping incorrectly in multi-line form fields.

INM is currently addressing these issues. Please check our web site for an update soon.


  • The Find dialog box does not function correctly on Mac, in Director MX 2004 and in Shockwave. Check INM Impressario's knowledge base for a sample workaround solution for Director MX 2004 projectors. For Shockwave playback on Mac, the recommended workaround is to implement the Find dialog in Director
  • On Mac OS 9, Director's memory partition and the memory allocated to the projector may need to be increased; the exact memory required depends on the size and resolution of the largest page of your PDF document. The minimum suggested memory for projectors is at least 80MB, for printing high-quality
  • DeletePages is not supported on Mac OS 9

Special Considerations

  • Plug-ins, such as QuickTime™ and Flash™, are not supported
  • Comments and notes in PDF documents are not supported
  • Impressario displays images on screen in RGB color. PDF documents created for print, using CMYK color may appear differently in Impressario. (Please see the PDF Enhancerfor a tool that converts PDFs to RGB colorspace.)
  • Alpha channel in PDF documents is not supported
  • PDFs that are encrypted are not fully supported (hyperlinks do not work)
  • PDF document pages that contain large, high-resolution images (1MB) may be slow to display and interact with
  • JavaScript actions encoded within PDF documents are not supported, except for hyperlinks. The workaround solution is to use Impressario Events, and perform the equivalent actions from Director
  • Most high - ASCII characters are supported for text fields. However, there are a few rare exceptions. Please see the list of unsupported characters for more precision
  • Double-byte characters are not supported for form fields
  • The character limit for single-line text fields is 253; for multi-line fields it is 1024.
  • The ReplaceImage() method, used to customize bitmaps within your PDF documents, requires the definition of "containers", which are only supported with Acrobat 6 and higher. The image to be replaced must be a raster (bitmap) image; vector images are not supported
  • For Shockwave deployment, we recommend high-speed Internet access. The Impressario Xtra Verisign package is between 4MB and 5MB and, in addition to that one-time download, you need to take into account the download time for each PDF document displayed
  • In Shockwave on Mac the Find dialog box is not supported - it does not appear

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