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 Release Notes for version 3.0

New Features in Version 3.0

PDF Creation and Printing:
You can now create PDF documents at runtime, based on template PDFs that you define using Adobe® Acrobat® forms or Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer. This feature allows you to insert HTML-formatted text and images at predefined positions within a page. Repeating and Sliding regions are also supported to allow for flexibility of layout.

After pages are inserted or deleted from PDF documents, if they contain fields named "PAGE_CURRENT" and "PAGE_TOTAL", the values of these fields can be automatically calculated and updated.

Download the new sample movies that illustrate how to create PDFs at runtime.

Searchable Library:
The new Searchable Library feature combines the power of INM VizionDB 4.1 and INM Impressario 3 to index the contents of an entire folder of PDF documents and enable quick and powerful searching for text within the PDF documents, as well as metadata (PDF document properties). This feature replaces the PDF Indexer, formerly implemented with INM Impressario 2 and INM V12 Database.

New INM VizionDB search functions for the Searchable Library support boolean logic, wildcards, and proximity searches and return relevancy information.

Download the Searchable Library Toolkit separately. It contains an instruction manual, castlib of tools and samples to get you started.

Find and Highlight:
The Find method and dialog box allow you to highlight multple search terms in different colors (the color list used for highlighting can be set by the developer).

Email your PDFs:
A new E-mail method and toolbar button allow users to attach a PDF document to an e-mail message and open the default mail application to send it.

You can dynamically create bookmarks for your PDF from Director. When pages from different PDF documents are merged the bookmarks are copied to the new PDF.

Document Properties:
Retrieve the full list of document properties for a PDF.

Control Types:
The GetFields and GetAllFields methods now return the control type (#field, #checkbox, #radiobutton, #button) for each control.

When the user rolls over the note icon an IMP_MouseEnter event is generated, and the text of the note is returned, so that you can display it on screen from Director


  • INM Impressario 3 no longer supports Mac OS 9. If your project needs support for Mac OS 9 please contact us
  • When using InsertPages() or Merge(), there is a limit to the number of times these operations can be done in succession. The number of consecutive merge/insert operations depends on the size of the pages being inserted and the amount of RAM available. Impressario will crash if you attempt to exceed the available memory.
    If your application requires successive merges of PDF pages, you may need to implement a way for the user to save the changes, close the application and restart a new session in order to accommodate the functionality you want
  • Some Print options (Draft, Black and White, multiple pages per sheet) are not supported by the Adobe PDF Library
  • PDF forms created using Adobe Livecycle Designer are not supported for form operations. However, Adobe Livecycle Designer can be used to create templates for the creation of PDFs

Special Considerations 
While INM Impressario uses the Adobe PDF Library, it does not behave identically to Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. In some cases INM Impressario offers enhanced functionality, in other cases the functionality can be achieved via workarounds involving Director. Review the list of Special Considerations.

Shockwave Auto-Installation
To ensure that your Shockwave movies auto-install the right version of this Xtra, copy the text below and paste it into your " Xtrainfo.txt " file ( This file is located in the Configuration subfolder for Director MX 2004; for older versions of Director, this file is located in the same folder as the Director application). 
NOTE: Everything in square brackets must be on a single line without line breaks.

; INM Impressario Xtra for Director by Integration New Media, Inc. 
[#namePPC:"Impressario", #nameW32:"Impressario.x32", #package: "", 

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