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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM Impressario for Director » Preventing memory-related errors when printing on Mac OS 9
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 Preventing memory-related errors when printing on Mac OS 9
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Due to memory management problems on Mac OS 9, you may experience the Error -1001: Out of Memory when opening or printing even small PDF documents on Mac OS 9. You may also experience odd behavior, such as garbled printouts or the incorrect display of Error -10: Error opening file. Invalid Document File Name. The file name or path type is incorrect.

By default, when Director creates a projector on Mac OS 9, it sets the memory allocation to 12 MB, which is not sufficient to run Impressario.


1) Increase the amount of memory allocated to the program

One solution is to increase the amount of memory for the Director application and for the projector, once it is created. The preferred memory allocated should be somewhere between 80 MB and 120 MB. This amount is also dependent on the amount of memory required for largest page of your PDF document (Impressario loads a single page at a time).

To increase the memory allocated to Director (and projectors) on Mac OS 9:

  1. Select the Director application's icon (or the projector's icon) and click Get Info from the Apple menu.
  2. Change the selection of the Show drop-down box from "General Information" to "Memory".
  3. In the Preferred size box, type "100000" (Note that the memory is in kilobytes, i.e.: 100 MB = 100000 KB).
  4. Hit Enter or Return for the change to take effect.
  5. Close the Get Info window and restart Director (or run your projector).

2) Turn off background printing

On some systems it has been reported that turning off background printing (select foreground printing) in the printer dialog options window, in addition to increasing the memory allocated to the program, is effective in eliminating memory errors when printing.

Since this has to be done by the end-user at runtime, it is best to include a note, in your application's usage guide, with instructions on how to turn off background printing.

3) Set the print quality to #Medium or #Low

A third way to decrease the amount of memory used when printing, is to set the #Quality option to #Medium or #Low, when calling the Print() method. If you are using the Impressario toolbar or behaviors, you will need to modify the script for printing.

member ("myPDF").Print([#ShowPrintOptions:True, #Quality:#Medium])

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Created On: 26 May 2006 03:56 PM

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