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 Release Notes for Version 4.0

New Features in Version 4.0

Compatibility with Director 11:
INM Impressario is now available for Adobe Director 11, a compelling platform for the creation of interactive games, demos, prototypes, simulations and eLearning courses. With this also comes support for Mac Intel, OS X 10.5 and Microsoft Vista platforms.

REVISION 8 December 2008 - Now with support for PowerPC.

New Adobe PDF Libraries:
INM Impressario is built using the Adobe PDF Libraries. These have now been upgraded to version 8.

Bug Fixes

  • Accented characters: When inserting accented characters in PDF documents, the special characters were replaced by wrong symbols. This was applicable for InsertText(), SetFields() and GetFields () functions. This bug was common to Mac and PC and is now fixed.
  • UpdateURL fixed: previously, Director would crash whenever a URL was specified in the UpdateURL property of the Impressario member.
  • Linking to a zoomed destination in a PDF document no longer crashes on Mac.

Planned Upcoming Point Release Bug Fixes

  • When viewing a PDF in Reader 8 after using SetFields to change the text in the form's text fields, square characters are displayed after a RETURN. In addition, when clicking in the field, the text will shift or it is just replaced with the default text that was in the TextFields.
  • When viewing the PDF in Reader 9, the text fields are blue and you can't see the value unless you click in the field.

Note: These behaviors will vary from one computer to another and only occur on PDFs containing forms created on Mac.

Known Issues / Limitations

For possible workarounds, please
see our knowledgebase
  • INM Impressario 4 is compatible with the latest version of Director; version 11, but is not backwards compatibible with previous versions of Director. If you need to use INM Impressario for different versions of Director (8.5-MX2004 and 11), you will need both INM Impressario version 3 and 4. For a special combo price, please contact us.
  • Zoomed destination on PC: when linking to a zoomed destination in a PDF document, INM Impressario goes to the right page but all vertical and horizontal scroll values are ignored.
  • Behaviors such as toolbar and bookmarks don't appear in Shockwave: please ensure that the user waits until the PDF is fully loaded before activating the behavior.
  • When using InsertPages() or Merge(), there is a limit to the number of times these operations can be done in succession. The number of consecutive merge/insert operations depends on the size of the pages being inserted and the amount of RAM available. Impressario will crash if you attempt to exceed the available memory.
    If your application requires successive merges of PDF pages, you may need to implement a way for the user to save the changes, close the application and restart a new session in order to accommodate the functionality you want
  • Some Print options (Draft, Black and White, multiple pages per sheet) are not supported by the Adobe PDF Library
  • Certain printers cannot print with this version of the Adobe PDF Library. Please try updating printer drivers to fix the problem.
  • PDF forms created using Adobe Livecycle Designer are not supported for form operations. However, Adobe Livecycle Designer can be used to create templates for the creation of PDFs

Special Considerations 
While INM Impressario uses the Adobe PDF Library, it does not behave identically to Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. In some cases INM Impressario offers enhanced functionality, in other cases the functionality can be achieved via workarounds involving Director. Review the list of Special Considerations.

Shockwave Auto-Installation
To ensure that your Shockwave movies auto-install the right version of this Xtra, copy the text below and paste it into your " Xtrainfo.txt " file ( This file is located in the Configuration subfolder for Director 11; for some older versions of Director, this file is located in the same folder as the Director application). 
NOTE: Everything in square brackets must be on a single line without line breaks.

; INM Impressario Xtra for Director by Integration New Media, Inc. 
[#namePPC:"Impressario", #nameW32:"Impressario.x32", #package: "", 

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