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 INM Moka

 INM Moka: A Smooth Blend of Java™ & Director

INM Moka Xtra allows your Director applications to take advantage of the power of Java. Now you can easily implement features that are not possible, difficult and/or expensive to code in Lingo.

  • Features: call Java methods from Lingo, Get and Set Java fields/ members, check the current version of JVM on the user's computer, can launch a specific JVM delivered with the projector, on CD-ROM, JClass Browser tool gives you the methods and members of all Java™ classes accessible locally, and retrieves their signatures, retrieves the last exception generated from a Java™ method.
  • Enhanced and customized to fit your needs: possible enhancements include running a Java™ Applet on Director's stage, point-to-point or client/server communications, accessing databases through JDBC. Contact us to speak to one of our Director experts and discuss a customized version of INM Moka Xtra.
  • Technical requirements: Windows 98 - XP (must have Sun™ JRE v1.3.x, or v1.4.x installed locally or distributed with projector), Mac OS X 10.1.2 - 10.4, Adobe Director 7 - MX 2004

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Created On: 17 Oct 2011 05:07 PM

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