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 INM SecureNet Xtra

 Add Proxy Servers & Secure HTTP Network Operations

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  • Download INM SecureNet Xtra for Director: includes installers, samples, user manuals and more...
  • Download INM SecureNet Xtra for Authorware: includes installers, samples, user manuals and more...

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Product Description

Communicates across proxy servers with or without username and password authentication. Supports secure http servers (HTTPS) outside the browser environment. Performs https queries at authoring and runtime.

  • Perfect for projects that require: access or updates of content, payment and ordering, internet connections, communication of confidential information, sending encrypted data... all operations that need to be performed from behind a proxy.
  • Easy to deploy projects: automatic detection of proxy server settings (IP address, port number...) from end-user's internet settings, lightweight 200K solution, cross-platform support, Shockwave compatible, Verisign approved.

INM SecureNet Xtra for Director

  • Version 1 available for Director 7.02 to MX 2004 on Windows (98-2003, XP) and Mac (OS X 9.1-10.4, including MacIntel and PowerPC)
  • Version 2 available for Director 11 and 11.5, on Windows (XP, Vista and 7) and Mac (OS X 10.4 - 10.5, including MacIntel and PowerPC)

Licensing Requirements: As per section 4 of the INM SecureNet Xtra licensing agreement, all products produced using INM SecureNet Xtra must contain the "Enhanced by INM SecureNet Xtra" logo in the credits section or in the introduction screen or on a visible part of the physical packaging.Complying with this requirement does not release you from purchasing INM SecureNet Xtra before publishing your project and distributing it to your clients.
If you do not wish to include the "Enhanced by INM SecureNet Xtra" logo on your project, please purchase either an INM SecureNet Xtra Project Logo Waiver (valid for one project only) or an INM SecureNet Xtra Unlimited Logo Waiverin addition to purchasing INM SecureNet Xtra.

INM SecureNet Xtra for Authorware

NEWS: Adobe discontinues Authorware.

  • Read the Adobe official announcement
  • INM will continue to offer Authorware products for download and purchase, but no further update will be made to these products.
  • Where to go from here? If you are considering moving away from developing with Authorware, converting or updating your projects to Flash or Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) or want to take your clients to new heights in user experience; INM can help. Contact us for more information.

Other Information:

  • Requires Authorware version 4 or higher
  • Operation systems later than Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5 have not been tested.

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