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 INM VizionDB / INM V12 Database

 Insert Powerful Scalable Databases into your Project

Quick Links
  • Download INM VizionDB for Director: for installers, samples, user manuals and more
  • Download INM V12 Database for Authorware: for installers, samples, user manuals and more

Buy INM VizionDB / INM V12 Database

INM VizionDB for Director*

*not compatible with Director 11.x

Accomplish the fastest design-to-delivery cycle possible with the combination of industry-strength database technology and easy-to-use productivity tools.

  • Powerful database functionality: give users the ability to search, sort and retrieve specific information quickly, content can be maintained and organized in a database, then brought together in the Director interface late in the project development cycle....
  • Easy to build interfaces: Database and Recordset objects are represented as members in the Director cast, so you can view and set their properties through graphical dialog boxes...
  • Universal deployment: identical behavior on Windows and Mac OS X, database files are cross-platform, Xtra based on the well-known Firebird database engine.
  • Advanced functionality: SQL support as well as Lingo API, trap and handle database events, password-protect database files, open multiple databases and multiple Recordsets simultaneously...
  • Technical requirements: Windows 2000 or Windows XP with Intel Pentium III 600MHz or higher, Power Macintosh G3 500 MHz or higher (OS X 10.2.8, 10.3, 10.4), Mac Intel Core Duo via Rosetta, 256 MB of free available system RAM, 200 MB of available disk space, Adobe Director MX or MX 2004 10.1 (10.0 is not supported), Behaviors require Director MX 2004 and the Flash 8 Asset Xtra for Director

Licensing Requirements: As per section 4 of the INM VizionDB / INM V12 Database licensing agreement, all products produced using INM VizionDB or INM V12 Database must contain the "Powered by INM VizionDB" / "Powered by INM V12 Database" logo in the credits section or in the introduction screen or on a visible part of the physical packaging. Complying with this requirement does not release you from purchasing INM VizionDB / INM V12 Database before publishing your project and distributing it to your clients.
If you do not wish to include the "Enhanced by INM VizionDB" / "Enhanced by INM V12 Database" logo on your project, please purchase either an INM VizionDB / INM V12 Database Project Logo Waiver (valid for one project only) or an INM VizionDB / INM V12 Database Unlimited Logo Waiverin addition to purchasing INM VizionDB / INM V12 Database.

INM V12 Database for Authorware

  • Benefits: separate production tasks, thus speeding up the development cycle, make last-minute changes to content, dynamically update content based on user interaction, store and retrieve information about users and their interactions, such as multiple user tracking and score tracking and management...
  • Features: genuinely cross-platform scripts and databases, no installation required, no messy DLLs to install on your client's machines, shockwave compatible, Verisign-approved, store, index, sort, search and retrieve any type of data (strings, integers, floating numbers, dates) as well as any type of media (pictures, sounds, palettes, etc.) that can be stored in a Director cast member, import data from your favorite database programs, export data from FileMaker Pro, MS Excel, 4th Dimension, etc., as TEXT or DBF files and import into V12 databases, powerful search functions, full-text indexing, sort and search data in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, Japanese (Yomigana and shift-JIS sorting standards)...
  • Technical requirements: Windows Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Mac68k, PowerMac (MacOS 7.1+) and playback on Mac OS X, Adobe Authorware 4.0, 5.2, 6.0, 6.5 or 7.0.

NEWS: Adobe discontinues Authorware.

  • Read the Adobe official announcement
  • INM will continue to offer Authorware products for download and purchase, but no further update will be made to these products.
  • Where to go from here? If you are considering moving away from developing with Authorware, converting or updating your projects to Flash or Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) or want to take your clients to new heights in user experience; INM can help. Contact us for more information.

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