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 INM Impressario Full and Light - Comparison
There are two active releases of INM Impressario: version 3 and version 4. Each of these comes in either Ligh or Full versions.

Options to Suit your Needs

Feature needed Full v3 Full v4 Light v3 Light v4
Basic functionality only Check Check Check Check
Basic and advanced functionality Check Check No No
Works with Director* 8.5 - MX 2004 Check No Check No
Works with Director* 11 No Check No Check

Light vs. Full Versions

In TRIAL mode, all Full version features are enabled; if you use those features during evaluation, there is a warning to let you know which ones are only available in the Full version. If you decide to purchase the Light version, those features that are not available in the Light version will be automatically disabled once you enter your license key for the Light version. If you plan to purchase the Full version and the warnings become bothersome, you can turn them off by calling SetAlertLevel(#Critical).

Feature needed Full Version Light Version
Price $US 439 $US 299
Cross-platform: Mac / Windows - both at authoring and runtime Check Check
Self-contained: no 3rd party download required Check Check
Shockwave® (Internet) deployment Check No
Hyperlinks to external PDFs Check Check
Place graphical elements on top of PDFs Check Check
Download PDFs from URLs Check No
Hyperlinks to a page within PDFs Check Check
Multiple PDFs open on stage together Check Check
Multiple instances of the same PDF open on stage simultaneously Check Check
Apply inks, transparency and animation Check Check
Print multiple documents at a time, as in a repeat loop Check Check
Scrollbars Check Check
Toolbar Check Check
Bookmarks Check Check
Fill in PDF form controls manually Check No
Set/retrieve form data via code Check No
Create PDFs at runtime Check No
Customize existing PDF content at runtime Check No
Trap/handle user events Check No
Support for Flash™, QuickTime®, U3D, sounds, and other Acrobat plug-ins No No
Continuous display mode ( vs. single page mode) No No

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Created On: 06 Jul 2010 12:08 PM

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