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 Localization of the Tooltips, Find dialog and Messages
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With INM Impressario you can change the language of your user interface at runtime.

If you are using the Impressario Toolbars, there are several languages available for the rollover tooltips. You can choose the language you want from the Impressario Toolbar behavior at authoring time; you can also call the Toolbar behavior handler named SetToolbarLanguage to change the language at runtime.

In addition, call the Impressario method, IMP_SetLanguage() to use an .XML translation file located either next to your application, or in a subfolder named “Locales”. This will ensure that the Find dialog box and any messages displayed to the user are in the appropriate language.

INM Impressario installs a few locales .XML files to the Runtime folder of the product, within Director Xtras hierarchy. However, if you need a language that is not supplied, you can edit any of these existing files (MS Excel works well as an editor), translate the text into the language of your choice, and save the file with a name that you will pass to the IMP_SetLanguage() method at runtime.


global gToolbarSprite

-- This handler sets the language for both the Xtra and the Tooltips of the toolbar,
-- where gToolbarSprite is the sprite channel of the Impressario toolbar

on mouseUp
--Set the language of the Xtra to use the Brazilian locales file
--Set the language of the toolbar tooltips to Portuguese
sendSprite (gToolbarSprite, #SetToolbarLanguage, "Portuguese")
end mouseUp


Since the release of INM Impressario, we have received two XML language files that were donated by developers:

The Spanish translation (es.XML) was provided by: Oscar Fernández Arcís. 
The Brazilian Portuguese version (br.XML) was provided by Wagner J. Werneck,

If you need either of these languages, download this file and include it next to your projector or in the Locales folder within the Impressario Runtime folder/Bundle on Mac.


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Created On: 22 Jan 2007 10:17 AM

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