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How to speed up panning and scrolling - Support Center
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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM Impressario for Director » How to speed up panning and scrolling
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 How to speed up panning and scrolling
INM Impressario Windows, Macintosh   Versions 2.x-3.x


If your PDF documents are heavy with images and/or vector graphics, you can gain some speed by turning off the anti-aliasing while you are moving the PDF within the sprite (using the Hand tool, or using the scroll arrows).  


Place a behavior on your Impressario sprite, which calls IMP_SetSmoothing([#SmoothImages:False, #SmoothLineArt:False]) on the mouseDown event, to turn off the anti-aliasing of bitmaps and line art when the user holds down the Hand tool or the scroll button.  Then call IMP_SetSmoothing([#SmoothImages:True, #SmoothLineArt:True]) when the mouse is released.


-- Script for QuickDraw behavior, attached to Impressario sprite

on mouseDown me
-- turn off the smoothing (anti-aliasing)
   IMP_SetSmoothing([#SmoothImages:False, #SmoothLineArt:False])
end mouseDown

on mouseUp me
-- turn on the smoothing (anti-aliasing)
   IMP_SetSmoothing([#SmoothImages:True, #SmoothLineArt:True])
end mouseUp


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Created On: 17 Jan 2007 02:07 PM

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