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 How to publish projectors for cross-platform distribution

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Director MX 2004 allows you to create projectors for Mac OS X, Mac Classic and Windows. However, doing so with third-party Xtras, such as Impressario, can be tricky. The most common errors are not having the correct version of the Xtra for each platform, and not having the correct folder structure.

Solution for Director MX 2004


To publish your projectors for all three platforms, choose Projector, Windows Projector and Macintosh Classic Projector, in Director's Publish Settings window, and click Publish.

You don't have to worry if the Impressario Xtra is included in the projector or not; the critical part is that you need to have an Xtras folder next to your projectors and it has to contain subfolders named CLASSIC,OSX, WIN32, each with its respective Impressario Runtime folder.

Here is an example of how the folder structure should look. This allows you to keep any PDF files within the projectors' folder hierarchy and not have to create separate copies for each projector.

You can download the Runtime folders for Mac OSX, Mac Classic and Windows from the bottom of the Impressario Download page:

Solution for previous versions of Director

The solution described above is illustrated for projectors created with Director MX 2004. However, projectors created with previous versions of Director can also use the same folder structure for distribution on CD.

NOTE: To save disk space, you may be able to remove the Resources folder from within the Runtime folder. This is only possible if all your PDF fonts are embedded and you are not using PDF forms.


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Created On: 26 May 2006 01:13 PM

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