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Support Center » Knowledgebase » INM Impressario for Director » Special Considerations for using INM Impressario
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 Special Considerations for using INM Impressario

While INM Impressario uses the Adobe® PDF Library, not all of the functionality found in Adobe Acrobat® is supported by INM Impressario. Note that some JavaScript interactivity may be simulated through Impressario events and Director scripting.

  • Plug-ins, such as QuickTime® and Flash™ within PDFs are not supported.
  • 3D objects embedded in PDFs are not supported.
  • JavaScript Actions encoded within PDF documents are not supported, except for hyperlinks. However, INM Impressario events (pageChange, documentChange, mouseEnter, mouseLeave, etc.) are triggered, allowing you to code special PDF interactions in Director using Lingo.
  • Impressario displays images on screen in RGB color. PDF documents created for print, using CMYK color may appear differently in Impressario.
  • PDF document pages that contain large, high-resolution images (1MB) may be slow to display and interact with.
  • In PDF forms, single-line text fields, multi-line text fields, check boxes and radio buttons are supported (push button clicks can be trapped by the Impressario mouseClick event, allowing developers to code alternative actions from Director).
  • For additional limitations, see the Release-History page.

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Created On: 03 Oct 2006 05:21 PM

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