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 Hyperlinks work in Adobe Acrobat, but not in Impressario
 How to publish projectors for cross-platform distribution
 How to enable hyperlinks in password-protected PDFs
 Summary Password protection is an excellent way to protect the contents of PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat allows for different levels of password protection: 1) to prevent open
 Impressario Xtra error -3000: Cannot find the Impressario Xtra Libraries
 How to revert to last saved PDF (after changes are made)
 How to change cursor from hand to arrow in overlaying sprites
 Impressario Find doesn't highlight words containing hyphens and other characters
 Special Considerations for using INM Impressario
  While INM Impressario uses the Adobe┬« PDF Library, not all of the functionality found in Adobe Acrobat┬« is supported by INM Impressario. Note that some JavaScript interactivity may be simulated through Impressario events and Director scripting.
 Cannot install INM Impressario without company name
 MouseWheel Toolkit
 Making hyperlinks work with PDFs generated from FrameMaker
 How to implement the Find dialog as a MIAW
 Product:Platform: Area:Version:Impressario for Director
 Tips on inserting bitmap images into your PDF at runtime
 Localization of the Tooltips, Find dialog and Messages
 Preventing memory-related errors when printing on Mac OS 9
 Invalid cursor and scrollbar after calling Email function
 How to ReplaceImage, Insert/Delete/Move pages or Merge for protected PDFs
 How to control anti-aliasing for text, line-art and images
 What CMaps and Fonts are needed for your projector
 Removing Impressario's "Trial Version" splash screen
 Using RelativeToMovie PathType when authoring over network
 Product:Platform:Area:Version:Impressario for Director
 How to find out if a PDF document is supported by Impressario
 How to optimize the performance of heavy PDFs in Impressario
 Color correction - converting CYMK documents into RGB
 SummaryImpressario supports PDFs that are created in RGB colospace, not CMYK. When CMYK documents are displayed by Impressario, the colors are not identical to the original. However, if
 How to avoid outlines with transparent Impressario sprites
 INM Impressario Full and Light - Comparison
  There are two active releases of INM Impressario: version 3 and version 4. Each of these comes in either Ligh or Full versions.Options to Suit your Needs
 Creating hyperlinks that open within the Impressario sprite
 Getting current form control data with GetPageText()
 How to optimize projects by using fewer Impressario members
 Spaces ignored in multi-line fields with
 How to use ReplaceImage with multiple layers
 INM Impressario Xtra not downloaded by Shockwave on Mac
 Searchable Library - Error While Indexing PDF Documents
 How to speed up panning and scrolling
 INM Impressario for Director - Release Notes
 Impressario matrix 2
 There are two active releases of INM Impressario: version 3 and version 4. Each of these comes in either Ligh or Full versi
 Release Notes for version 3.0
 Release Notes for version 2.0
 Release Notes for version 1.2
 Release Notes for Version 4.1
 Release Notes for version 3.0.1
 Release Notes for version 2.0.2
 Release Notes for Version 4.0
 Release Notes for version 1.1
 Release Notes for version 2.0.1
  Release Notes for version 1.2.1
 Release Notes for version 2.0.3
 Release Notes for version 1.0
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