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 If fields from different tables have the same name, query results will be incorrect.
 INM VizionDB Licensing Questions
 Cannot install INM VizionDB without company name
 Can I convert my existing INM V12 Database project to INM VizionDB?
 Capacities and Limits of INM VizionDB
 INM Searchable Library Wizard is not supported on Windows 2000
 Is INM VizionDB fully cross-platform?
 How do I get started?
 User-Defined Functions are not supported on Windows 2000
 Does INM VizionDB Desktop support web delivery or usage over a LAN?
 How do I buy INM VizionDB?
 Does INM VizionDB support double-byte languages?
 Tips on using VIEWs in INM VizionDB
  An SQL VIEW is a "virtual table" -- it is like specifying a SELECT query containing fields from one or more tables in the database, but a VIEW is stored like a table in the dat
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