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 Resolving relations in a V12 database
 How to add, edit, delete and browse records in a simple V12 Database
 Performing advanced Boolean searches
 Encrypting data in a V12 Database file
 Handling double-byte content
 How to implement progress indicators
 Modifying a V12 Database file structure
 Converting a database using medias from before Director 7
 Printing data from a V12 Database file
 Using a V12 Database in a Shockwave movie
 Optimizing your database using indexes
 Understanding sort order behavior when updating data
 How to properly close V12 databases and tables
 Using custom string types
 Creating an HTML Table inside a text member
 Using multiple instances of a V12 table
 Implementing a Quiz using a V12 database
 Performing text searches in a V12 database
 Synchronize scrolling multiple database fields
 How to find the product version
 How to return the unique values of a field
 Implementing a dynamic search system using a V12 database
 Sorting a selection on two or more fields
 Searching as you type in a database
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