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 Resolving relations in a V12 database
 How to add, edit, delete and browse records in a simple V12 Database
 Performing advanced Boolean searches
 Handling double-byte content
 Encrypting data in a V12 Database file
 How to implement progress indicators
 Modifying a V12 Database file structure
 Converting a database using medias from before Director 7
 Using a V12 Database in a Shockwave movie
 Printing data from a V12 Database file
 Optimizing your database using indexes
 Understanding sort order behavior when updating data
 How to properly close V12 databases and tables
 Using multiple instances of a V12 table
 Using custom string types
 Implementing a Quiz using a V12 database
 Creating an HTML Table inside a text member
 Performing text searches in a V12 database
 Synchronize scrolling multiple database fields
 How to find the product version
 How to return the unique values of a field
 Searching as you type in a database
 Implementing a dynamic search system using a V12 database
 Sorting a selection on two or more fields
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